Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Gifting For Teachers

Teachers are constantly gifting the children in their classrooms with knowledge and skills that are important for everyday life situations and scenarios. Sometimes teachers make such an impact that it feels like there’s not a gift that can really show your appreciation for all that they do for your child. But, finding the right gifts for your child’s teachers is easy at Teacher Boutique! With our teaching tools, books, music CD’s, shirts and jewelry, you can find the perfect gift for any teacher. Below are some of our favorite items that teachers will love receiving as a gift.

Our preshrunk heavyweight cotton purple “my work is child’s play” shirt is perfect for preschool and grade school teachers who spend their time with young children. This fun colored shirt has a pair of children’s handprints on the front in hot pink, blue, green and red. This shirt is fun way to show your appreciation and is a great gift they can wear on casual dress days at work or at home. We carry 20 inspirational t-shirts with inspirational, empowering and funny quotes in fun colors and designs so that you can find the right t-shirt for every teacher on your list.

Teachers spend the majority of their time shaping the minds of our little ones and deserve praise and recognition for how hard they work. What better way to show how grateful you are for all that they do with our fun and creative jewelry selection? Our lobster clasp bracelet has a heart charm with “it takes a big heart to shape little minds” engraved on it. This is the perfect quote to have etched in a bracelet that teachers can wear everyday that shows everyone that they care and are cared for. Shop or selection of jewelry today and find the perfect accessory to show your appreciation today!

Many preschool and grade school teachers use music as a tool to teach and calm students. Music is a powerful and effective tool to help children learn and development a world of different skills. Our selection of educational music is classroom friendly and is a gift you know will be put to good use. Not only will teachers enjoy a tangible gift that they can use but they’ll enjoy this gift because they can share with their students to help them improve and grow. Our selection of music can make teaching letters and numbers easier or help them instill valuable life lessons such as sharing and cleaning up after themselves. Browse our selection of music CD’s today and find a gift that teachers and students will both love.

Sometimes teachers like gifts that they can use as a resource. Many teachers have limited access to supplies, hence why we provide students with supplies at the beginning of the year. Often, teachers invest their own money in their resources and decorations. Some teachers want gifts for their classroom more than anything. With our selection of teaching tools you can give various gifts that teachers will be overjoyed to incorporate into their lessons. For teachers who focus on using music as a teaching aid, we carry musical puppets that they can use to entertain students while they learn. For teachers who deal with special needs students, we carry sensory tools like our calming mitt and self color changing egg that can help students ease their frustration and relax their minds.

You can find the perfect gift that grade school and preschool teachers will truly appreciate at Teacher Boutique. Shop today and find the perfect way to say thank you to your favorite teachers and show them how much they’re appreciated!

What are some of your favorite stories about inspirational teachers you’ve had in your lives? Share your stories in the comments below!
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