Monday, November 19, 2018

The Magical Color-changing Egg for Calming Children

Children will inevitably get upset from time to time. That’s nothing new to anyone familiar with child behavior. While we must teach children how to process their emotions in positives ways, sometimes they just need a cool down period to calm themselves. At times, words can get in the way when trying to calm an upset child. Changing their environment to one with a quiet, relaxing feel can help them begin to also change their mood. One tool we love is our Self Color-changing Egg.

The Self Color-changing Egg is a calming tool that kids find mesmerizing. This adorable toy slowly changes colors as children watch in relaxed anticipation. This helps them forget about why they were upset and brings their emotions, and heart rate, back into control. The soft glowing light slowly cycles through blue, green, orange, red, and purple in soft tones children love.

Whether for naptime, timeouts, or relaxing upset kiddos, this magical color-changing egg helps return them back into their mild-mannered selves in no time. This egg has been shown to provide comfort for children on the autism spectrum, as well, who find it a soothing sensory toy they can play with anywhere. This is a cordless toy with included batteries so there is no worry about your child getting tangled up.

This is a great travel toy and gift idea for birthdays or the holidays. Kids of all ages and developmental stages will take great joy in this amazing, fun toy while they inadvertently learn to self-soothe and bring themselves back into a more calm state of being.

What tools have you used to calm your children when they are inconsolable? Share our thoughts and stories in the comments below!
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