Tuesday, October 9, 2018

How to Deal with Difficult & Strong-willed Kids

Not all children respond to discipline the same way. While most children respond well to discipline and being told "no," some children are more challenging. If you have a child who constantly questions your parenting style and likes to test the boundaries, then our selection of parenting resources and teaching tools can help you develop the skill set to better respond to outbursts and discipline.

Managing Stress

As a parent, dealing with a difficult child is well...difficult; often to the point that it can add extra stress on you as a parent. Stress when left unmanaged can affect how you react and respond to your child when they misbehave. How you respond to a child who's still developing when they misbehave will teach them how to react in future situations. Every time they act out becomes a teaching opportunity for you as a parent, as well. If you're explosive and loud when you're upset, they will learn to be explosive and loud when they're upset and don't get their way. You can't fight fire with fire, so it's important to learn how Managing Stress can help you react calmly in order to properly assess their actual needs without escalating the situation. 

Discipline Dilemma Book

Understanding your child's temperament will go a long way towards helping figure out which disciplinary tactics will be most effective. Do it Right! 101 Solutions for Discipline Dilemmas is a book that provides 101 real life scenarios with logical solutions and easy-to-implement responses. This book can help you better understand your child's temperament and actions to stop defiant and out-of-control behavior in its tracks. 

Be Proactive

Once you're able to better understand how you and your child can effectively interact, you can take the necessary steps to adjust your parenting style to improve your child's behavior. For children who need constant stimulation and activities to behave well while at home or out and about, you can pack items like our Self Color Changing Egg designed to help children self-soothe and relax by keeping them visually stimulated. If your child has trouble understanding and processing difficult or confusing emotions, music can often be a soothing solution. Musical puppets, like Teacher Boutique's duck or dog, can allow children to entertain themselves while also helping them explore and express their feelings and thoughts in a fun and productive manner. In doing so, you can communicate more effectively with one another in stressful or upsetting times. Music can help children learn by increasing their attention span, helping them calm down and reducing impulse control while performing difficult tasks and everyday activities. Check out our Music Learning blog to see some of our favorite selections!

Remember that improving your child's temperament and your own parenting style takes time and is often a game of trial and error. Be patient and don't be too hard on yourself or your kids. The most important ingredient in raising children is love, Teacher Boutique can handle the rest!
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