Thursday, September 20, 2018

Using Music to Help Kids Learn

Music makes everything more fun and enjoyable. But, it can also help us learn and grow. Incorporating music into lessons, as well as discipline, can provide the additional context children need to remember important information and help them process difficult or confusing emotions. Whether it’s for teaching math or helping kids transition between tasks, music is a powerful tool teachers and parents can use to give their kids new ways to learn. So, we’ve picked out a few of our favorite CDs for enjoying music with kids.

All Aboard for Learning

The All Aboard for Learning music CD is filled with funky takes on your favorite classics including “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” as well as fun songs explaining the five senses, numbers and letters, and more in both English and Spanish with lyrics and activities included. This music CD is recorded by Stephen Fite, an award-winning artist dedicated to using music to help motivate kids to move, learn, and grow.  

Hip-Hop Alphabop 2

Hip-Hop Alphabop 2 is the ultimate hip-hop album for teachers and kids. This album from Jack Hartmann is great for helping kids learn how to spell and sound out words while they enjoy hip-hop beats and rhythms. This will help kids improve their listening skills, as well. This CD contains 25 fun songs including favorites like “Jack’s Miss Mary Mack,” “Hip-Hop Tooty Ta,” “The Cowboy Dance,” and much more.

Brain Boogie Boosters

Brain Boogie Boosters is a fantastic collection of rockin’ tunes to help improve kids’ attention spans and impulse control, as well as relax and de-stress their minds. These are fun, silly songs designed to inspire kindness and love while teaching valuable lessons kids will take with them for the rest of their lives. Some brain-boosting songs include “Nutrition Pyramid,” “Brain Game” and “Brain Breaks,” “Watch me Listen,” and more.

Get on Board the Transition Train

Get on Board the Transition Train is another hit CD from one our favorites, Jack Hartmann! This album helps students transition between tasks and performing everyday activities including washing their hands, listening quietly, and cleaning up after themselves, as well as how to be on their best behavior. This CD has fun songs that will help teachers in the classroom from the beginning to the end of each day.

These albums all provide fun, positive ways to help young children understand how to navigate several subjects including everything from behavioral issues to learning how to remember important lessons. Check out all of our Music for kids to find your child’s favorite new CD.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate music into your children’s lives? Share your stories in the comments below!

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