Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Books for Challenging Childhood Behavior

Every child has difficult moments and it’s up to teachers to help them develop positive ways to process their emotions. Parents, too, must learn how to best approach their children’s challenging behavior in order to minimize outbursts while not exploding themselves. Teacher Boutique has a wealth of books exploring many familiar topics parents and teachers deal with every day. So, we’re going to go through a few of our most popular subjects and books best suited to help parents and teachers nip these problems in the bud, so to speak.


Toddlers biting is a rather common occurrence, but is something that scares the recipient and, at times, angers parents. Our The Biting Solution book covers everything you need to know about dealing with a little biter. It helps parents and teachers understand the many reasons why children bite and includes fun ways to help toddlers express emotions appropriately. Learn how to react when you witness biting and learn the important steps to take to help children understand why it’s inappropriate.


Bullying is a behavior that can spiral out of control if not handled early and properly. Bullying instills unhealthy behaviors in both the bully and their victim while stifling creativity in the classroom and on the playground. For anyone who is dealing with a child who is a bully or is being bullied, No More Bullying is a fantastic resource! This book covers strategies parents and teachers can use to end bullying at home and in the classroom while helping everyone process their feelings in a healthy way.


All kids throw tantrums. While it may seem as if they are upset for no reason, to them their feelings are legitimate. Parents need healthy ways to help their children express themselves while they continue to respect the rules. Our No More Tantrums book covers the many reasons why children have tantrums and how to prevent them. This resource also covers what to do when children begin to express themselves in inappropriate ways.


There is a big difference between tattling and reporting. Tattling involves children telling on each other about something they should be able to handle on their own. It’s important for children to get through those types of small struggles on their own terms. Children need to also understand the importance of reporting when appropriate. Our No More Tattling book covers plenty of strategies to teach parents and teachers how to help their children avoid the negative impacts of tattling.

These are just a few of our favorite books for dealing with some of the more common behavioral issues. If your child is suffering from one of these issues or dealing with a child that is, remember that patience, talking, and listening will always be your best weapons!
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